What we believe

A champion for liberty and free enterprise, Foundry Club serves entrepreneurs and business professionals by providing the services, resources and community they need to create, connect and grow.

We bring a unique culture and soul to the workspace, offering concierge services, innovative business programs, access to capital and an international entrepreneurial community. From startup to IPO, Foundry Club members find camaraderie in their pursuit to build a purposeful life and business.

Our founders believe success comes from building a life and business of purpose. Passion, intent, skill set and opportunity are just some of the makings of purpose. It is that purpose, or reason to exist, that we believe is the number one factor in business success.


vision + mission 

Our mission is to establish the world’s premiere entrepreneurial club, community and culture, to serve and inspire its members exceedingly well, and to catalyze their success, passion, true purpose and greatness in each.

Our vision is to transform lives as a global champion for free enterprise and faith.

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Foundry Club community consists of startups, remote teams, investment groups and business accelerators to name a few. Together we collaborate to create an ecosystem for catalyzing greatness.

Foundry Club’s diverse member base makes in-house collaboration easy and natural. Catch up with other members in the kitchen, enjoy a cold brewed coffee or craft beer, and attend our special member events.

foundry club is always working with amazing people


Foundry Club Member Testinomial:

"I have been with The Foundry Club for a little over two years.  Amy, Kylie and the rest of the staff are like second family!"

Chris Hershberger, founder & lead strategist from alive digital, inc.