Frequently Asked Questions

Who uses Foundry Club?

Anyone in the mobile workforce looking for access to workspace, business programs, access to capital and an entrepreneurial community. Whether you are a freelancer, Start up company or remote team, foundry club provides all the resources you need to create, connect and grow.

What makes Foundry Club different from other workspaces?

Foundry Club is more than a workspace. We are a community-centric business organization dedicated to helping you succeed in life. 

What does Foundry Club offer members?

Each Foundry Club membership provides a range of services and resources. Foundry Club offers workspace, top knotch amenities, business programs, speaker series, networking events, access to capital and an international community. Learn more about each of our memberships here to discover the best option for you.

How do I join Foundry Club?

Joining Foundry Club is simple. Contact us here and someone from our member services team will contact you shortly. Want to come in for a tour? Stop by any of our locations and receive a tour from one of our amazing community managers.

May I cancel my membership?

Yes, you may cancel your membership anytime providing the notice according to your membership agreement.